Carolina Stair Supply

Carolina Stair Supply is a family owned business engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a full line of staircase parts.

Subcategory: Risers, Systems, Railings, Parts, Treads

Holmes Stair Parts

Holmes Stair Parts has elevated the visual statement of a staircase to one of grand elegance. Today’s discriminating home and business owners know that their choice of balusters is so much more than a point of detail, it is the pivotal decision that completes a carefully-planned interior design

Subcategory: Baluster Replacement System, Risers, Systems, Railings, Parts, Treads

L.J. Smith Stair Systems

L.J. Smith is the "one stop shop" for all of your stairway needs including newels, posts, panels, balusters, handrails, treads, risers and accessories.

Subcategory: Systems, Railings, Parts, Treads

Oak Pointe

In many fine homes and other building designs the typical 1" baluster and 3" newel just get lost. Pick your favorite styles and Oak Pointe can scale it to fit your application. We can turn up to 124" in length and almost 15" in diameter!

Subcategory: Systems, Railings, Parts
Material: Aluminum, Iron, Metal, Stainless Steel, Wood
Type: Stair Parts


The ladders are particularly ideal for entering attics through ceiling trap doors and similar close-quarter situations. The push/pull rod allows easy open and close.

Subcategory: Disappearing Stairways, Folding Attic Stairways
Material: Aluminum